2016 Festival

The 2016 End of Days Film Festival was an apocalyptic success! We would like to extend a special thanks to all the filmmakers, sponsors, and supporters that made the event happen. Held at Gods & Monsters in the Artegon Marketplace, the End of Days Film Festival featured Sci Fi, Horror, Drama, Comedy, and Action films from around the world. Below are the event details and award winners.

2016 Program Schedule


Best Apocalyptic Horror Film
In the Ruins

Best Apocalyptic Comedy
Apocalypse Rock

Best Apocalyptic Drama
The Port

Best Apocalyptic Sci Fi

Best Apocalyptic Action
Point Zero

Best Apocalyptic International Film

Best Screenplay
They Will All Die in Space

Best Director
The Edge

Best Visual Effects
Clarke’s Third Law

Best Special Effects
Brainless Killers

Best Sound Design

Best Female Actor
Carole Brana - Replika

Best Male Actor
Jamie Pigott - Populace

Best Male Supporting Actor
Saïd Amadis - The Edge

Best Female Supporting Actor
Kirsty McKenzie - Brainless killers