All official entries must be submitted through Film Freeway. The EOD Film Festival does not accept films any other way. All notifications regarding the submitted films will be through the Film Freeway website. Films must be less than 25 minutes in length. We do not accept feature length films. All films must have been made less than 3 years prior to the festival screening date. Non-English works are accepted. However, the film must have English subtitles. Any non-English film submitted without subtitles will be disqualified.

The EOD Film Festival only accepts narrative short films. The narrative short films are divided into two categories.

  1. Short - Runtime 0:00 - 12:00 minutes
  2. Not-so Short - Runtime 12:01 - 25:00 minutes

Each category has five genre's available to submit your film.

  1. Action
  2. Sci-Fi
  3. Horror
  4. Comedy
  5. Drama


Please see the Submission info page for submission deadlines.


The End of Days Film Festival will accept a large number of films as "Official Selections", but only a select number of films will screen at the event. This is because we receive a large number of films that we want to represent our festival, but due to the limited scheduling, we can only screen a select few. Once we grow larger, we will screen more films during the event.

The selection process is as follows:

Judges will review all the films submitted to the End of Days Film Festival. After a thorough review, EOD staff will accept films that meet the End of Days Film Festival standards. These films will be the "Official Selections" of that years festival. *Not all accepted films will screen at the End of Days Film Festival. Filmmakers will be notified of their films acceptance status via Filmfreeway.

Official Selections will then be reviewed and nominated for awards. Filmmakers will be notified by EOD staff of their nomination. Award nomination laurels will be given to all nominated films. Winners will then be chosen and announced. A select number of award winning films will then be chosen to screen at the End of Days Film Festival.

Films chosen for screening will be downloaded from Film Freeway website. They will be screened in the format you uploaded to the Film Freeway website. If your film is screened, you will have an opportunity to provide EOD with an updated version of the film.

The End of Days Film Festival Organizers may add to or amend these rules at any time without notice.